Cowhouse Slough

Description:  A Florida point type, named after a small creek that flows into the Hillsborough river north of Tampa, (Son Anderson 1984) A paleo point/blade found associated with Simpson points on several sites in the Tampa Bay area, two of which were located on the banks of Cowhouse Slough creek.

Not to be confused with preforms as the Cowhouse Slough is a nicely finished ovate blade with
straight or concave base, sometimes fluted.

Basal edges taper in towards the base and may be ground. Average size in two to four inches.

 Some authors of recent books have pictured preforms either because they can't identify the type or for the lack of a genuine example.

Age and Culture: Transitional Paleo 10000 - 6000 B.P

Distribution: Distribution is unknown, but is thought to be found as far north as Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.




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Left Picture provided by Joel Castanza

Right Picture provide by---If you recognized it please e-mail me

Text provided by member Son Anderson