JADE GROUP:  Chloromelanite, Nephrite, Jadeite,

Description:  COLORS OF JADEITE : Light to dark green, cream, gray, and white. May also be a mixture of white and light green. Occasionally also yellow, pink, purple, brown, and black.

The most extensive American Nephrite deposit is in the middle portion of southern Wyoming. This deposit is enormous, yielding tons of this ornamental stone. Alaska also contains several large deposits, namely in the Jade Mountains (also known as the Cosmos Hills) and in Jade Creek. Large deposits are also in the Shungnak River and the Dahl Creek.


Washington State Source :Finney Creek, Skagit County, Northwest Washington.


Agate Basin  or Eden

Nephrite Jade

Length 2-3/4"
 Columbia River near Umatilla, OR.

 Nephrite Jade
Fraser River - Hope Site
British Columbia 



Baker Adz

Dark Green Chloromelanite**

Length 1-5/8"
Width 1-7/8"

Hamma Hamma

Dark Green Chloromelanite

2.75" x 2.25"


Small Adz

2.75" 1.25"


Length- 4-1/2"

cowles adz front

Length 3-3/16"

Western Washington Adz

Length 3-1/2"



Baker adz

Dark Green Chloromelanite Adze

Chloromelanite  is a very dark green, appearing black type of iron-rich Jadeite.

I have noticed some people are claiming this is a "type" of jade as is Jadeite and Nephrite. 

Because Chloromelanite is Jadeite, it should be called Jadeite.
Length 7-3/8"
Width 2-3/4"


Jade Celt


Jade Celt 7.5"
Frasier River Jade
Jade Chisel from Columbia River.
   Douglas County side of the Columbia River  Entiat, Washington.

Skagit Adz
5.25" X 2"



Pictures by: Joel Castanza