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Cliff Jackson - President     

Eric Wagner -Vice President  Ken Schmidt- Secretary 

 Steve Lyons     Matt Rowe    Steve Puttera    Ted Gardiner

 Thornton "Gomer" Pyles      Jim Bennett      Kim Radke      David Heath

Norm Jones - Legal Counsel
Rick Miller - Legal Counsel and ex-officio Director
Matt Rowe - Webmaster


The AUTHENTIC ARTIFACTS COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION Inc. (AACA) is a group of individuals dedicated to the collection of AUTHENTIC ancient Native American artifacts. As members we uphold the Association’s goals and subscribe to its rules of conduct pertaining to the collection and the sale of ancient relics. We welcome all collectors and dealers with the desire to avoid reproductions to join the AACA.

Membership = 3,698 as of 9/19/07


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November 2007-  ATTENTION MEMBERS: The AACA is now processing your memberships and transferring your members info to our new site at

Be on the lookout for emails from the AACA concerning the switch, so that you will get your username and password to allow you the full benefits of the AACA site. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that you enjoy the new features at the Authentic Artifacts Collectors Association website.

New: AACA Community Survey – Summary posted in the AACA Discussion Forum.

·   The Fall 2007 AACA NEWSLETTER is now available!!! 

Now, also available in .pdf format download here. 

·      EXPO 07 PICS are now posted online. The Expo was very well attended and contained some of the best ancient artifact displays in the world.

·   A NEW AACA Members' Discussion Board  is available for signup to all AACA members. PLEASE use your REAL name and email address as registered with the Association. 

·  The AACA Board of Directors would like to announce the election of member David Heath of Vancouver, Washington to the Board of Directors. David's help and input are very welcome, and we very much look foward to working with him.

·  Make your EXPO '08 reservations NOW!  The date of the 6th Annual AACA National Ancient American Artifact Exposition is fast approaching on July 19, 20 and 21st,  2008 at the Drawbridge Inn of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Click HERE to visit the Expo '08 page!

·     AACA 3500th MEMBER   HAT SALE!! 

                      LAST CALL!!!

                   2 for $15 shipped!

·       There is an Auction Complaint Form for members to report misrepresented Ebay Auctions.  You can use and view the new form here.



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